Winners of the Hack Day have been announced by ASBMB here!

The winners of the Tracking Postdocs category were from Washington University in St. Louis, who created a choose-your-own-adventure game! You can learn more about what they did in their explanation here, and play the game here.

The winner of the Counting Postdocs category was which looked at the number of minority postdocs across the U.S., looking also at their geographic location. An explanation of the project is here and you can look at the data here.


What is the ASBMB/FoR ‘Hack Day’ about?

At FOR, we want actions after our conversations. So after two days of hearing and discussing what data is missing, what actions could be taken and what change is necessary, time is being set aside to create products that address these issues.

The time is being called a “Hack Day” or Hacktivism Day, but NO CODING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: we want people working together on all kinds of things. For more on what “Hack Days” can involve, see this post at the American Society of Cell Biology.

What kind of products should come out of this? Anything that you think could help. Letters to particular institutions or policy makers; programs to analyze data; surveys; websites and content with information; booklets; it really is up to you. We have some ideas here under general themes but you may have more!

Best of all, there are PRIZES OF $500 for the best projects, and you can do this wherever you are in the country – ASBMB will reimburse your snacking and caffeine needs. For specifics on how this Hack Day will work, see this post at ASBMB.

You can register at ASBMB or through the FOR registration link below – either way, we look forward to working with you on Saturday!