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Co-reviewing and ghostwriting by early-career researchers in the peer review of manuscripts

Authors: Gary S McDowell Is a corresponding author, John D Knutsen, June M Graham, Sarah K Oelker, Rebeccah S Lijek

We report the results of a literature review and a survey of researchers, with an emphasis on co-reviewing and ‘ghostwriting’. The literature review identified 36 articles that addressed the involvement of early-career researchers in peer review, most of them about early-career researchers and their advisors co-reviewing manuscripts for the purposes of training.


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Why scientific societies should involve more early-career researchers

Authors: Adriana Bankston, Stephanie M Davis, Elisabeth Moore, Caroline A Niziolek, Vincent Boudreau

This article looks at the level of influence ECRs have in 20 scientific societies based in the US and UK, and provides guidelines on how societies can successfully include ECRs in leadership roles.


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Actionable recommendations from trainees to improve science training

Authors: Stephanie M Davis, Harinder Singh, Cara M Weismann, Adriana Bankston, Fátima Sancheznieto

A report of findings based on input from trainees at different career stages, the paper outlines seven practical changes that academic institutions and departments can make to improve their training environments.


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Assessing the landscape of US postdoctoral salaries

Authors: Rodoniki Athanasiadou, Adriana Bankston, McKenzie Carlisle, Caroline A. Niziolek and Gary S. McDowell

The purpose of this study was to assess actual salaries for postdocs using data gathered from US public institutions; determine how these salaries may vary with postdoc title, institutional funding, and geographic region; and reflect on which institutional and federal policy
measures may have the greatest impact on salaries nationally.


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