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Boston Future of Research Symposium


The first Future of Research symposium was held in Boston on October 2-3, 2014. We have posted videos of all the talks, and have summarized the outcomes of the interactive workshops in an F1000Resarch paper and numerous editorials and commentaries.

The organizers are currently planning a second symposium for 2015 and smaller events to increase postdoc connectivity in the Boston area. If you’re looking to get involved with the Boston group, please write to us at!

<<Organizers Jonathan Jackson, Gary McDowell, and Trish Goodwin discuss the outcome of a interactive workshop. Photo credit:

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We are a group of post-docs in the Boston area who are concerned about the sustainability of the biomedical research enterprise.   Your comments and input are welcome – please contact us at

For more about our philosophy, please see our introductory blog post.


Kristin Krukenberg & Jessica Polka (HMS) – Lead organizers
Sarah Mazzilli (BU) – Meeting director
Elaine Lee (BU) – Venue coordinator
Avi Robinson-Mosher (HMS) – Moderator coordinator
Vaibhav Pai (Tufts) – Sponsor coordinator
Gary McDowell (Tufts) – Social media coordinator
Drew MacKellar (HMS) – Speaker coordinator
Erica Walsh (BWH) – Volunteer logistics coordinator
Brian Monson (BWH) – A/V coordinator
James Kraemer (MIT) – Program design
Patricia Goodwin (Brandeis) – Institution liaison
Eldi Schoenfeld (MIT) – Institution liaison
Jonathan Jackson (Brandeis) – Moderator
Kearney Gunsalus (Tufts) – Moderator
Marcy Erb (Harvard) – Moderator

Alireza Ziaei (BU)
Alison Taylor (DFCI)
Andrew Paek (HMS)
Anna Wronski (Tufts Boston)
Casey Ydenberg (Brandeis)
Castano Zafira (BWH)
Erin Clark (Brandeis)
Julia Wang (BU)
Keith Hengen (Brandeis)
Leila Shokri (BWH)
Maggie Angelova (HMS)
Matt Mattozzi (HMS)
Michaela Gruber (DFCI)
Michaelanne Munoz (Tufts Boston)
Nicole Broekema (HMS)
Praveen Parasar (BWH)
Sheng-hong Chen (HMS)
Shirley Sanchez (BU)
Sireesha Chinthala (BWH)
Thomas Bowman (Tufts Boston)
Usheer Kanjee (HSPH)
Veda Kumar Tatavarty (Brandeis)
Yuliya Sytnikova (Brandeis)


Rebecca Ward (HMS)
Judith Glaven (HMS)
David Cameron (HMS)
Michelle Brook (Cambridge, UK)
Henry Sauermann (Georgia Tech)
Manu Sarna (Aimia)

Meeting information


For more about the philosophy of the meeting, please see our introductory blog post.


The symposium will be located on the Boston University Campus. Plenary talks will be held in the Jacob Sleeper Auditorium at 871 Commonwealth Avenue, and breakout sessions within short walking distance.

Nearby recommended cash parking locations are the Agganis Arena garage and the Granby lot. All parking lots can be viewed here by selecting “Parking Lots” under “Display.”


Thursday, October 2nd
5pm – Introduction, Keynote: Henry Bourne (UCSF)
5:45pm – Panel discussion: Sibby Anderson-Thompkins (UNC-CH), Galit Lahav (HMS), Graham Walker (MIT), David Glass (Novartis), Richard Roberts (NEB)
7:45pm – Networking and brainstorming

Friday, October 3rd
10am – Panel discussion: Marc Kirschner (HMS), Michael Teitelbaum (HLS), Naomi Rosenberg (Tufts), Cynthia Furhmann (UMMS)
12 noon – Lunch
1-2:25pm – Workshop: first rotation*
2:25-2:35 – Coffee break
2:35-4pm – Workshop: second rotation*
4pm – Closing remarks & video message from Senator Elizabeth Warren

Training – SHA 206
How should we prepare trainees for careers in science in 2014?
Funding – SHA 201
How do we structure funding to promote desired outcomes?
Incentives – SHA 210
The folly of hoping for X while rewarding for Y
Workforce sustainability – Jacob Sleeper Auditorium
How do we match the supply of postdocs and graduate students to the demand of jobs to make a sustainable workforce?


Registration is now open! This meeting is free of charge for all participants. Please visit our Eventbrite page (or click the button below) for more information.

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We thank our sponsors for their generous support!

If your organization is interested in supporting this meeting, please get in touch at!




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