NOTE: For more information about our October 2-3 symposium in Boston, MA (to which the session described below is a follow-up), please view our schedule. Registration for the October 2-3 symposium is open! 


The future of research: the sustainability of the scientific endeavor
A special-interest subgroup at the ASCB/IFCB Annual Meeting
December 6th, 2014 (before the opening keynote)
Philadelphia, PA

The landscape of scientific research and funding is in flux, affected by tight budgets, evolving models of both publishing and evaluation, and questions about training and workforce stability. As future leaders, junior scientists are uniquely poised to shape the culture and practice of science in response to these challenges. Following talks on policies that influence the scientific establishment, we will invite discussion from meeting attendees (including students and postdocs) both during the session and online. This subgroup will continue conversations started at a Boston-area ASCB local meeting,

Jessica Polka, postdoc, Harvard Medical School
Kristin Krukenberg, postdoc, Harvard Medical School

1:00-1:05: Introduction. Jessica Polka, Harvard Medical School

1:05-1:25: Perspectives from students and postdocs: summary of the FOR symposium. Kristin Krukenberg, Harvard Medical School

1:25-1:45: Incentivizing more innovation, and some thoughts about lab size. Bruce Alberts, University of California, San Francisco

1:45-2:05: Challenges from the perspective of a research dean. Connie M. Lee, University of Chicago

2:05-2:15: Break

2:15-2:35: Encouraging innovation: lessons from Europe. Tony Hyman, Max Planck Institute

2:35-2:55: Creating a sustainable workforce for biomedical science. Shirley Tilghman, Princeton University

2:55-3:15: Biomedical Ph.D. career development trends: implications for workforce development & diversity. Kenneth Gibbs, Jr., NCI at NIH

3:15-3:35: Current events at NIGMS. Jon Lorsch, NIGMS at NIH

3:35-4:25: General Q&A

All attendees must be registered for the ASCB meeting, but no additional registration is required for this December 6 ASCB subgroup session.  For the October 2-3 symposium in Boston, however, registration is required and is now open.