One of the desired outcomes from the Future of Research report was increased connectivity amongst early career researchers and we want to share more information about upcoming events and opportunities to connect.

The Young Embryologist’s Network is an organization in the UK – you may have seen the recent call for abstracts for the UK annual meeting – that is expanding to Boston! The aim of the first few Boston meetings is to bring together anyone with an interest in embryology and development to hear undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs give 20 minute talks about their work. Food and drink will be provided (for the May and June meetings, by the Dept of Systems Biology at Harvard Med School) for discussions and mingling afterwards.

Please get in touch ( or @biophysicalfrog) if you’d like to give a talk (events will be in May, June and resume after the summer), and please come along to listen! Please see the poster for more information and contact details.