“Biomedical research is a huge enterprise now; it attracts riff-raff who never would have survived as scientists in the 1960s and 1970s. There is no doubt that highly capable scientists currently participate in the grant-review process. Likewise, unfortunately, study sections are undoubtedly contaminated by riff-raff.” – Steve McKnight, ASBMB President’s Message

Identify yourself as scientific riffraff while helping early career researchers join discussions about the future of the scientific enterprise! Proceeds from these shirts will go toward operating costs of our 2015 Boston Future of Research symposium.

These shirts are available in three styles: colorful unisex ringspun cotton and men’s and women’s premium American Apparel tri-blend, for the more discerning riffraff among us. All shirts should ship in time for you to wear them to the summer study section you’re contaminating!