Future of Research is sponsoring a webinar with Union of Concerned Scientists on Thursday August 31st, 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT, where you can learn strategies for building support for scientist engagement with the public and decision-makers. You can register for the webinar HERE.


One of the ways we can improve the scientific enterprise is to empower scientists to become more engaged with the public or other stakeholders. However, currently there are still few incentives and rewards in academia for scientists to engage with the public, as well as a lack of training for them in this area.


This webinar will showcase individuals who have been part of this movement, and who will discuss strategies for bringing about those changes in the scientific enterprise. Speakers will also provide recommendations for others who are eager to engage with various stakeholders within their work.


Speakers include:

Elyse Aurbach-Pruitt, co-founder and co-director, RELATE (Researchers Expanding Lay-Audience Teaching and Engagement)
Nalini Nadkarni and Caitlin Weber, STEM Ambassador Program (STEMAP)
Dan Pomeroy, managing director and senior policy advisor, International Policy Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Register for the webinar HERE