The draft HHS Strategic Plan is part of a strategic planning process for the Department of Health and Human Services to coordinate its strategic and performance planning efforts. Comments have been open for submission on various comments, and FoR has submitted the following statements on Objective 4.2:

Objective 4.2: Expand the capacity of the scientific workforce and infrastructure to support innovative research

As science and technology advance, it is imperative that research staff and scientists involved in HHS-conducted or HHS-supported research have the resources needed to conduct high quality and efficient work. Through various initiatives and programs, HHS recruits and trains students, recent graduates, and other professionals to conduct rigorous and reproducible research. HHS invests in Federal statistical units responsible for national surveys that provide reliable, timely and policy relevant information for policy makers and researchers. Additionally, HHS provides research training and career development opportunities to ensure that a diverse pool of highly trained investigators will be available across the range of scientific disciplines necessary to address the Nation’s biomedical and scientific research needs. HHS invests substantial resources in research facilities that provide access to instruments, technologies, services, as well as access to expert consultants.”


Short form statement (1000 Character limit on online submission form):

Future of Research supports the initiative to expand the capacity of the scientific workforce and infrastructure towards innovative research. We endorse increasing collaboration, transparency and establishing research practices that promote rigor and reproducibility. We recommend an increased proportion of graduate students and postdocs be supported on training grants and fellowships, and encourage both institutions and federal agencies to track all trainees supported by federal dollars and their career outcomes. Improved measures to assess the skills learned, outcomes of and standard of training will also be imperative for measuring success. This success is enhanced by collaboration between researchers and individuals in other sectors, and by training in open access publication including promoting the use of preprints in biomedical sciences. Rewarding those who perform these tasks well, as well as holding accountable those who do not, will lead to an improved research landscape.


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