Future of Research recently joined a number of other U.S. and international scientific organizations and professional societies in sending a letter to Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló, urging him to keep the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics (PRIS) autonomous and independent.

There has been good news: the component of a government reorganization bill dismantling PRIS was removed in final conference deliberations hours before the midnight deadline of June 30 ending the legislative session. There were frequent references to 47 scientific organizations urging Puerto Rico’s governor not to dismantle statistical agency and we are very glad to have been able to add our support to this cause.

Join us on social media to thank the Puerto Rico legislature and especially Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz (@trschatz51) and House Speaker Carlos ‘Johnny’ Méndez Núñez (@JohnnyMndez36) along with the conference committee using the hashtags: #FactsMatterPR & #CuentasClarasPR.

You can also read news items about the development from the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association. We received the following from the coordinators of the effort:

“We were pleasantly surprised by the development with each new version of the reorganizational plan remaining fixed on dismantling PRIS and the final House and Senate passed versions earlier in the week both containing the provision. Despite the seemingly slim chance for success, the broad community fighting for PRIS’s independence kept up the pressure through media, social media, and grassroots…The conferenced and approved bill has this language (translated by Google Translate): “However, it is clarified that this Legislature has determined to address issues related to the Institute of Statistics in a subsequent legislation.” Please stay tuned.”

Many thanks to all who signed the petition in support of this cause.