Two publications have been accepted in the last couple of days, to further draw the attention of the scientific community to the Future of Research Symposium.

The first is an open letter to the journal Science that appears in The Winnower:

An open letter to AAAS journal “Science”: Postdocs need to address the “The Future of Research”.

We are very keen for anyone to review this and give comments, feedback or generate further discussion: all you need to do is sign up at the Winnower and join the debate and we really want to hear all thoughts.

The next publication is in The Journal of Postdoctoral Research:

The Future of Research Symposium: Facilitating Postdoctoral Involvement in the Future of Science.

Please read and again, let us know what you think!  Feel free to comment below or tweet @FORsymp or contact us through any of other social media links.  We want to hear from the community.