Keynote address from Henry Bourne:



Henry R. Bourne: “The Future: Make it Work!” (Keynote)

Henry Bourne, PhDBourne began his career as a newspaper reporter, then obtained an MD degree and training as a physician, and finally became an academic at UCSF, where he taught, investigated trimeric G proteins, served as chair of a department, and was elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences. Since 2008, when he retired, he has written two books: a memoir, Ambition and Delight (2009) and a history of scientific discovery, Paths to Innovation (U California Press, 2012). His recent essays in Science and eLife focus on possible remedies for the multiple financial and structural woes that beset the US academic biomedical research enterprise. Now he is writing a book that will show how one major academic health sciences center organizes and finances its research.