The White Paper “Shaping the Future of Research: a perspective from junior scientists“, summarizing the findings of the Future of Research Symposium, is now online here at F1000Research.  Please find it, read it, share it and join the discussion!

This report represents the majority opinion of participants. The scientific community at large can comment on the document at F1000Research. In our original intentions, we stated that, “The final report, including an appendix of comments, will be disseminated to journals, policy makers, administrators, and the scientific community at large. We are open to recommendations on the format, content, and recipients of this document.”  We are still open to suggestions and comments; please contact to make comments and suggestions to organizers too.

We hope that this document starts to give young scientists a voice in defining the future culture and practice of science. There is still much we can all do in working with policy-makers, administrators, and senior scientists on achieving needed change.  Spread the word and get involved – and remember we have information on the practical aspects of running the symposium at “Logistics of Organizing the FOR Symposium” on the Winnower.