FOR ASCB panel

Jon Lorsch, Connie M. Lee, Kenneth Gibbs Jr, Kristin Krukenberg, and Bruce Alberts answer audience questions. Shirley Tilghman and Marc Kirschner (not pictured) also spoke.

On Saturday, December 6th, we organized a panel at the 2014 ASCB Annual Meeting to discuss the future of research. Audio is available to download in MP3 format here, and can be streamed from YouTube:


  • Kristin Krukenberg, “Perspectives from students and postdocs: summary of the FOR symposium.” – 0:00:45
  • Bruce Alberts, “Incentivizing more innovation, and some thoughts about lab size.” – 0:19:48
  • Connie M. Lee, “Challenges from the perspective of a research dean.” – 0:44:39
  • Marc Kirschner, “A need to identify the principles of science on which to base policies for scientific support.” – 1:09:40
  • Shirley Tilghman, “Creating a sustainable workforce for biomedical science.” – 1:35:15
  • Kenny Gibbs Jr., “Biomedical Ph.D. career development trends: implications for workforce development & diversity.” – 2:06:24
  • Jon Lorsch, “Current events at NIGMS.” – 2:28:31
  • General Q&A – 2:53:30

Write-ups of the session can be found on the ASCB post and on The Spectroscope.