Fixing any problems with the structure of the biomedical research enterprise will require the engagement of many stakeholders. While we are passionate about ensuring that students and postdocs are at the table, change can only come about with investment from faculty, administrators, scientific societies, and funding agencies. Therefore, we’re delighted to hear of these three upcoming meetings that address the future of the biomedical research enterprise. While these events are organized primarily by more senior members of the community, we hope that young scientists in these areas can attend to share their perspectives and ideas.

The Unstable Biomedical Research Ecosystem: How Can It Be Made More Robust?
Where: Duke University
When: Feb 24, 2015
Registration: Has passed

Rescuing US Biomedical Research from its Systemic Flaws: Strategies and Pathways Ahead
Where: University of Wisconsin-Madison
When: April 11, 2015, with a variety of pre-workshop discussions in February
Registration: Discussions are open to all, but registration for the April event will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Future of Bioscience Graduate and Postdoctoral Training
Where: University of Michigan
When: May 3-5, 2015
Registration: $100, first deadline March 3.

In addition to these faculty-organized meetings, there are now four groups of postdocs (in Boston, New York, the Bay Area, and Chicago) organizing symposia in the coming year. If you’re in those areas, please get in touch with the contacts at each respective page. If not, but you’re curious about organizing your own meeting, please email us at