The Future of Research is a U.S.-based organization designed to educate, advocate for and promote early career scientists.

With the changing structure and distribution of funding in Canada, there is a worry that growth and sustainability of the biomedical research may be compromised.  In addition, changes in the funding structure are disproportionately affecting early career investigators. Starting in 2015, there has been a large shift in funding away from early-career researchers toward established investigators. Several training programs, including MD/PhD fellowships, have been cut. For more information read here. With the support of Future of Research, we are creating a Canadian forum to discuss outcomes specific to Canadian researchers including:

  • Funding for early career researchers
  • Training and transparency of career outcomes of early career researchers
  • Increased Connectivity – how to promote conversations about research and infrastructure between universities and provinces
  • Structure of the workforce

If you would like to get involved in this organization please email  We are hoping to coordinate a Future of Research Canada Symposium in 2017. In addition we are looking for Representatives from universities across Canada to start local workshops and advise the national board.


Future of Research Canada

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