Register now for the NYU Postdoc Interdisciplinary Symposium (PoIntS) 2016! More information can be found here at the page on the FoR website and at the NYU Postdocs website.


This year’s keynote speaker is Paula Stephan, a labor economist who studies early-career scientists and the economics of the postdoc position in the scientific enterprise. She is the author of the book, “How Economics Shapes Science.” There will be a small number of copies of her book available for sale for $15 at the meeting.


Jessica Polka, president of FoR and Director of ASAPbio, the movement to promote the use of preprints in biology, will speak on postdoc advocacy.


Last year’s keynote speaker, Ethan Perlstein, recently appeared in an article in Nature, “Young scientists ditch postdocs for biotech start-ups.”


Check out the websites for more information and register at!