Info about this meeting will be regularly updated at the OpenCon satellite event site here.


In November 2016, FoR President Jessica Polka and Executive Director attended OpenCon 2016, (see #OpenCon), a meeting seeking to empower the next generation to advance open access, open data, and open education, to generate a more open and accessible system of research and education. Finding ways of making data and educational resources available for all, and enabling people to be able to disseminate their data easily for others to see and use, their work for others to read, and their educational materials for others to access, are of interest to FoR particularly in helping those who want to practice academia more openly to feel able to do so.

Gary is also a resident in the Manylabs community space for open research and education, which includes a variety of projects including Maker science. Therefore we are hosting an OpenCon satellite event on Tuesday, February 7th in the Manylabs workshop space (with drinks and light bites) from 5.30pm-9pm, to discuss some of the open science, open data, open education and Maker work going on in the local area.


Speakers will include:


Stephanie Santoso, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation:



Stephanie served from 2014-2016 as the first-ever Senior Advisor for Making at the White House, where she helped develop President Obama’s Nation of Makers initiative, to broaden access to the Maker Movement. This included planning the first-ever White House Maker Faire and the National Week of Making. She will give a short talk describing what Maker science is.


Mónica I. Feliú-Mójer, iBiology



Mónica is the Science Outreach Program Manager for iBiology, an organization with the mission to convey, in the form of open-access free videos, the excitement of modern biology and the process by which scientific discoveries are made. She is also the vice-director of Ciencia Puerto Rico, an organization leveraging social networks to engage Hispanic scientists in science communication and education.


Doors will open at 5.30, with talks beginning at 6pm, including other talks about preprints in biology and the ASAPbio ambassador program; talks about and demonstrations of projects by Manylabs residents; and an opportunity for attendees or interested people to talk about other projects happening in the area, and generally to foster more discussion among the community in the Bay Area!


You can find info, which will be regularly updated, at the OpenCon satellite event site here.