In Defense of Science: The National Science Policy Network Is Helping the Next Generation of Civic Scientists and Engineers to Organize Nationwide Network Receives More than $100,000 in Grants for Local Work


See this op-ed in Scientific American.


From the National Science Policy Network:


The National Science Policy Network (NSPN) is excited to announce a major new effort to support early-career science policy groups nationwide. With the support of Schmidt Futures and other national partners, NSPN will significantly increase assistance to grassroots STEM groups advocating for greater engagement of the scientific community in policy and advocacy.


The political turmoil of the past year has catalyzed civic engagement amongst members of the scientific community. New data from a survey conducted by NSPN earlier this year shows that out of 22 science policy groups surveyed, 45% have launched within the past year and a half, and 60% of all groups operate on an annual budget of $1,200 or less.


To support the growing trend of civic scientists, NSPN is launching three programs focused on providing training and resources.


  • First, we are providing microgrants for early-career science policy groups, giving seed funding to support high-impact projects and facilitate the growth of smaller, underfunded groups.
  • Second, we are collaborating with Research!America on the Bipartisan Candidate Engagement Initiative to raise awareness among candidates running for national office on the importance of scientific research.
  • Third, we are hosting a fall symposium in NYC to bring together student science policy, advocacy, and communication groups from across the country.


All of this is available at a new website that also includes live-stream seminars, event calendars and more. For more information visit, or follow us on twitter: @scipolnetwork


About The National Science Policy Network (NSPN):

The NSPN is a revamp of the National Science Policy Group, which has been coordinating efforts of student-science policy groups nationwide since 2014. Its mission is to empower scientists and engineers to be more informed and involved in science policy, whether that be through a career in civil service or through civic engagement outside of their day job. We work to cultivate and support a network of student science policy groups, and improve communication and resources available for the purposes of professional development, community awareness, and advocacy. Contact Information: