iBiology, a collection of open-access videos about biology, has added new videos in its series about the future of the U.S. biomedical workforce.


In “Creating Opportunities for Young Investigators,” Ron Daniels talks about the challenges facing junior scientists in the current scientific enterprise and discusses potential changes that can be made to improve the situation. Ron Daniels is President of Johns Hopkins University, and a member of Rescuing Biomedical Research.


In “The Malthusian Dilemma in Biomedical Research,” Shirley Tilghman talks about the dramatic increase in PhDs despite a lack of sustainable funding for research, leading to the rise in the number and duration of training positions in science. Several concrete solutions are suggested to remedy this problem. Shirley Tilghman spoke at the Future of Research session at ASCB in 2014 and is an author on a PNAS publication resulting in the Rescuing Biomedical Research effort, of which she is a member.


In “The Problem in Biomedical Education,” Henry Bourne talks about the need for new experiments and changes to how we carry out graduate education. Henry Bourne is Professor Emeritus at UCSF and has been the author of several pieces about graduate students and postdocs such as “A fair deal for PhD students and postdocs” and “The postdoc holding tank“. Henry was the keynote speaker at Future of Research Boston 2014.


**If you are in the Boston area and have thoughts about training and in particular on career development, make sure to come along to the NatureJobs Career Expo #NJCE16 where Future of Research will be running a workshop on career development resources for junior scientists. More news about this workshop to come!**