If you’re tired of wading through publications and policy papers about science, you should look at iBiology, a collection of open-access videos about biology, featuring scientists talking about their work, and also talking about science itself. Included in discussions about the structure of science are a number of speakers who have also appeared, or will appear, at various Future of Research meetings.

Bruce Alberts, (who spoke at FORSF2015), appears with Marc Kirschner (who spoke at last year’s Future of Research Symposium), Shirley Tilghman (who spoke at the Future of Research session at ASCB in 2014) and Harold Varmus in a video discussing their PNAS publication and their Rescuing Biomedical Research effort in this video, “Rescuing US Biomedical Research“. Bruce has also spoken previously in a separate video about scientists learning from failure.

Two speakers from Future of Research Boston 2015 feature in videos:

There are also talks from two speakers at Future of Research Chicago:

One upcoming hangout of interest will be a discussion of Funding People Not Projects with Ron Germain, who wrote a proposal outlining his thoughts on the issue recently. The videos and hangouts are a great way to hear about some of the issues we are discussing at Future of Research meetings. Be sure to keep a lookout for upcoming videos with Kristin Krukenberg, Sarah Mazzilli, Gary McDowell and Jessica Polka about the Future of Research itself!